Maha Habaybeh and Xcite Life bringing happinesses

When you want to discover more of life, and need inspiration all the time you can always seek the shelter of Xcite life by Maha Habaybeh. Maha Habaybeh brought to you us an amazing adventure spot Xcite Life that opens up our minds to new experiences so that we become better day by day. The experiences which we make helps us to connect with like personalities and share our happinesses. When we enjoy our life and spend quality time with our loved ones we nurture the habit to let go bad memories from the past and learn to act in the  present start to love ourselves and develop an aura of charm around us.

Maha Habaybeh is the director of Xcite life where people come to enjoy, entertain and learn the true meaning of happiness. Xcite life has some very good exclusive gifts that may help you to surprise your near and dear ones and fill joy in their hearts. There are many gifts by Maha habaybeh that you may  provide some unique experiences to that special one in your life. Xcite life sends them special package, in the mail that will surely bring back the lost memories.

The Six Person Inflatable Lounger- when you are moving out in a group to attend a pool party, there’s something you could add to your luggage. Its a portable lounger which will exaggerate the pool fun and your good times together. When  you want to enjoy your hot summer days with some drinks and games this is the perfect solution for you.

Colour changing waterfall faucet-  It’s that unique experience that you want to gift your parents friends or even your teachers or gift it to yourself.If you’re not happy with turning on the faucet and simply having water come out then here’s the perfect solution. It’s not a cheap solution but it has an aura of awesomeness about it that will impress visitors using your bathroom and no doubt give you a thrill as well. This is a statement not a toy.

This is very encouraging that a lady is managing such a huge empire so well. Maha says her father has always been a true inspiration for her. She has learned the values of life from her father has been carrying this legacy from so many years, and now she has been carrying that in the best way. She is the leading lady in Canada and an aura of motivation for a lot of young aspiring female entrepreneurs that believe in themself to change the world.

Maha Habaybeh has been handling the business of Xcite life. And she has made sure that no efforts are left from her side. The various adventures of this organization include diving, snorkeling, and swimming like a mermaid and much more.


Maha Habaybeh has included every possible element of surprise in this adventure. There are also a host of options that you can discuss with the tour operator before embarking on such a ride. The operator will provide you various maps for the plethora of destinations that can be covered. Exploring the vineyards on such a journey can be an exhilarating experience.


Maha Habaybeh has worked hard day and night to make her dreams come true and to  made the company achieve success in her endeavors. These biking trips are really long and involve spending the duration of a week from the participant. The cyclists are taken to different points in Ontario on this lake trip including, the Thames River, and Lake Erie. Biking on the shores of these rivers just doubles your fun. Take a camera along with you and take pictures as you are on the side of a coast.

You can munch snacks while riding the bike. The rides make you become healthy because you get to breathe pollution-free air. They are the most successful sibling duo in Canada now.  Maha Habaybeh has impressed the world with its perseverance.



Nature heals all your problems: Maha Habaybeh

The director of  Xcite life Maha Habaybeh brought us a gift which is a combination of adventure, health, fun,mystery, excitement and encouragement. Maha Habaybeh is an important name among the leading women entrepreneurs in Canada. She has been a inducement among the females to aspire them their dreams and do what gives them happiness from within, this is the dream of  Maha Habaybeh and she has been motivating herself to do things for others in society and make people happy around her and  these benefits are derived from the adventures of this company. Whether you are planning a short weekend with your family or deciding to spend a long list of holidays this place will offer you everything you need.

Maha Habaybeh and nature’s analogy

When we are in vicinity with nature we get mental peace and physical relaxation.  Maha Habaybeh  is very selective while selecting the adventures for her company. When you are in nature’s lap you tend  forget your worries and enjoy life thoroughly as you find companions just like yourself. Evaluate yourself and discover your inner qualities and become a scriptwriter for your mysterious story of this adventurous journey. The Temagami  Lake will serve you with the best of views in Xcite Life.


This lake is situated in Ontario. If you want to be intensely thrilled and satisfied too Axe Throwing is a good option you’ve been searching everywhere. If something disturbing you and making you go on your nerves then axe throwing could be one of the amazing therapies from nature. Nothing is more calming when you see an axe through air and hear its echo as it sticks in a distant target. It’s very relaxing,fun and almost anyone can do it. Pick the right axe from the available arsenal of tomahawks and throwing axes specially designed for the sport with suitable weight and blade for this spoon satisfied rating activity.

At Xcite Life Maha Habaybeh states difference between camping and glamping while camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in some different kind of shelter, such a tent, a caravan, or a motorhome. In glamping, you have the benefit of residing in beautiful locations in eco-lodges and forest canopies. So, you don’t have to miss out on morning ablutions because you are staying in a forest in a camp without any toilet.


Maha Habaybeh ensures that you have the pleasure of this kind of travel which is ideal for all kinds of travelers because it makes you have a vacation without the usual perks like mosquito biting and lack of food. Glamping brings you closest to nature without having to suffer in that kind of vicinity. There are meals prepared at the campsite for you by the personnel staff. You can also enjoy hiking. The most exotic glamping trip is organized, near the Obabika Lake.

Life Life without adventure is lifeless- Maha Habaybehwithout adventure is lifeless- Maha Habaybeh

According to Maha  Habaybeh adventure is an integral part of life, it is required to keep you balanced with the ups and downs of life. When you feel happy and content from within, it shows on your face too. You discover the real joy of life and get connected to god when you are physically fit. An adding to this Maha Habaybeh says adventure is  really required for adding a new founded spirit into your life. Today someone is running after money someone is running after prosperity and serenity in life as life is getting stressed and busy. In order to get out of this tension you need a break which is a must for our lives and for this purpose Xcite life adventure was started so that people can come here and forget all their worries and live in an adventurous environment to gain fun and entertainment.

There are so many activities in Xcite life that not just removes the everyday stress but also recharges you and fill positive energy in your life. Maha Habaybeh gives much emphasis on exercising and adventure. She herself practises yoga and exercising to keep herself fit and healthy. There are so many adventures to refresh your moods such as :-

Stand Up Paddleboarding – SUP

 We must have heard about  paddle boarding but stand up  Paddle boarding is a load of fun.s that. It is that different thing which you need when searching for unique experiences. It’s virtually the same board with a long paddle that you manipulate while standing. As far as water sports are concerned, stand up paddleboarding is one of the newest, but it is rapidly gaining an avid following of fans since not only is it great fun, but it’s great exercise for your core body muscles, not to mention cardio.

As a sport, stand up paddleboarding has only been around for a few years, but if you look into its history very deep you will find natives on different continents who have been doing what amounts to stand up paddleboarding for centuries. In effect, what we call the sport of stand up paddleboarding is just the way the ancients travelled. With the efforts of her team Maha Habaybeh brought this amazing and unique adventure for the people of Canada.

Stand up paddleboarding is done all over the world, on streams, lakes, rivers, and even the open ocean. Wherever you can find water that’s deep enough for you to paddle through, you will have found a good place to paddleboard through. Want your new found love to be even more fun? Bring an extra board and paddle with you for a friend. Chances are good that you will fall in love all over again. It really is that much fun. But be careful, the tranquility is addicting. You might never find your way home again. It’s that easy.

Embrace Your Inner Mermaid

Maha Habaybeh is always impressed with Mermaid’s freedom, grace,beauty, innocence “everything attracts us” says she and even we fascinate about being a mermaid. Whether it’s the little one or not, chances are pretty good that you have marveled at mermaids and everything they stand for. It’s little wonder that Muriel has captured so many hearts with her adventures. But if you can’t get enough of it, perhaps you should make your own effort to become a mermaid, and we’re not talking about sprouting scales and fins either. Instead, you can learn to become a mermaid at one of the many schools across the country that specialize in making these dreams come true.

Becoming a mermaid is more than just mastering your dolphin kick. You will also learn to control the movement of your body and your breathing, so you become more and more like a mermaid with every flip of your tail. Most sessions include swimming underwater, on your stomach and back, vertical dives, as well as backward and forward somersaults, mermaid surfacing techniques, and doing everything to music. It’s not hard to remember that being a mermaid is swimming as an art more than a technique, and at mermaid school students will learn to satisfy their fantasy and improve their individual performance.

Most mermaid schools offer students the opportunity to purchase a tail, which is fitted to your shoe size as well as your weight. Ladies also receive a matching top as well as a backpack for your tail. And when you complete the classes, most schools offer a chance to have your fantasy picture taken as a mermaid, both in the water and out. Some even offer an underwater graduation movie to preserve your memory and to show your friends.
Exercise is also a part of adventures which helps in improving the metabolic rate of the body. There are so many exercises that are available now in Xcitelife. Maha Habaybeh knows the importance of fitness in your life. One of the most desirable adventures is riding a flyboard which involves going into the air with water releasing from its nozzles

Small gifts brings bigger happiness: Maha Habaybeh

At Xcite life you have the coolest and most unique gifts that becomes assets for your loved ones and even to you. Bestowing your love in form of some unique experiences is always a best idea to express your love. Maha Habaybeh the leading lady of Canada says whenever you feel alone your family and friends are those pillars  of strength that have been and will be holding in your difficult times, so there should be gifts that enhance your bond and love for each other. So understanding your precious bond Xcite life brings to you some unique gifts that would be surely liked by everyone.

Inflatable Floating Iceberg– Day by day the earth is getting hotter and its making the ice poles melt so you worried  how to cool yourselves? You need not to worry now as Xcite life’s inflatable floating iceberg is the solution. You can take it to any of your beach party to have a whole lot of fun. In fact, this is so big the whole beach population can have some fun. Make sure you take the pump.

My power spells-  Choosing a gift for your your kid or any child is a tough job. My power spells is the best selling children’s book which is beautifully illustrated and inspiring book for young girls and boys. Written to become a special source in a girl’s life, starting as early as possible, so the affirmations become part of her inner and outer vocabulary. The writer’s wish for this book is to guide our girls throughout their lives and to be lovingly passed onto the next generation of enlightened daughters.

Guitar ice cube mold- Whether you like your drinks cold, your whisky on the rocks, and you like a bit of blues guitar. Mix them both with a block of ice that looks like a guitar to cool your drinks. Swirl the guitar around, sip your drink, look cool.

Pool couch- You can feel like a movie star lounging about on this Pool Couch. Just lay in the sun and float around in the middle of the pool in a state of utter relaxation and moments of sloth. Well, until some smart-aleck kids decide to “bomb” you!

MacBook Pocket Mirror-  You want to check your lipstick, powder the nose, steal a quick look at the someone standing behind you this Mac pocket mirror helps you to achieve that but do not think that it’s an Apple ipad for under$5. An absolutely perfect present for your daughter’s doll because we ALL know that dolls can use a Notebook, right? Fits into your jeans’ pocket or the Christmas stocking

Maha Habaybeh: shares the benefits of exercise

Maha Habaybeh a successful female entrepreneur from Canada knows the importance of a healthy body and physical fitness. Achieving a healthy body isn’t that easy, you have to shed your fat and sweat,” its take a lot of hard work and exercise when you really want to fit in that tiny little dress”, says Maha Habaybeh. This is the reason she lays stress on the importance of exercising and inculcating the habit of exercising daily.

Maha Habaybeh who is the director at Xcite Life introduces to us many adventures in the form of exercises such as weightlifting and cycling that helps to manage our body shape and maintain the extra pounds too as exercising changes our physical health and also tones up our body shape. Humans learn new things when they have ever-changing lives. There are so breathtakingly beautiful adventures which are a part of Xcite life.

Healthy mind stays in a healthy body

Maha Habaybeh’s Xcite life has  CrossFit training programs which ensure that your body is in shape. It’s important to be in good health to derive the best of benefits such as an increase in productivity. CrossFit Training allows you to focus on all body parts. It consists of not just running and walking, but everything. There are so many exercises in Xcite life that which help you to achieve a good health and looks too. The participants are given the training to face all kinds of physical requirements. Crossfit training is required for sportspersons because they get best prepared for the challenges facing them. So, CrossFit training prepares them for activities such as squatting, jumping, running, pulling and pushing, which are needed to do well in sports and increase stamina for household chores also.

Weightlifting exercises are done twice a week to stimulate the mental and physical stamina of those who feel they have less of it. All these exercises were introduced by Maha Habaybeh at Xcite life.The workout done by a person against other bodybuilders can be measured in terms of the law of physics, including, distance, mass and time. There are actually two kinds of intensity which have been included in such CrossFit training programs. So, relative intensity means how much strength you are applying for the program and actual intensity means your performance as compared to other athletes. Maha Habaybeh says instead of just doing a 2-mile sprint which makes you feel exhausted to do anything else, it’s better to have a fast-paced workout program including all activities.


During CrossFit training programs the total reps of the weight lifted in a certain time are measured which is a most important part of this exercise. So, in CrossFit training, every minute counts, thanks to Maha Habaybeh, schedule of every day is planned such as how many back squats and straight leg deadlifts in a day.  There is a 28-day routine program for the participants in this adventure and when the fitness regime is completed you will be astonished to see the transformation in your own body, you get better endurance. This specially created program for Xcitelife by Maha Habaybeh also builds your bone health and metabolism.Improving the metabolism also contributes to a better functioning of the central nervous system of the body.

It’s a well-recognized fact, that adventure diminishes the chances of getting stressed or depressed. Following the monotonous schedule may lead to boredom and ultimately stress and frustration but when you plan out adventure trips such a trekking and hiking who walk away from that old boring timetable and feel fresh and energised.

One of the most desirable activities of this company are the yoga sessions inspired by Maha Habaybeh. These yoga sessions are arranged for 1 hour in Open Door Yoga school in British Columbia.


Maha Habaybeh: inspiring others zeal

Maha Habaybeh is a lady with strong willpower dreamt of a life which is full of happiness joy and stress-free for this she made endeavours to chase her dreams and created an amazing example for other women due to her brave temperament. Women are no less than men in the society, Maha Habaybeh made an average woman realize what she is capable of. Today, she is known as a woman who has established a fine balance in all the spheres of life. She set examples to work hard and never give up even when you feel like doing so. This is the very reason Maha Habaybeh is among successful women entrepreneurs in Canada. She is the director of Xcite Life an adventure spot in Canada.

Xcite Life is not just an adventure spot but it’s a mystery spot too. Someday if you enter into a bus full of strangers and you don’t have any idea where the bus is going then that could be mysterious yet it’s fun filled trip at Xcite Life. The experiences which we gain at Xcite life is, of course, blissful and people cherish that trip with strangers for years. Maha Habaybeh says such experiences expand our minds and build trust on the host to do that sort of thing. She makes sure that all the people who pay for the adventures of the company, enjoy themselves thoroughly and are left with no grievances for the money paid by them.Maha Teresa Habaybeh is a woman who has achieved success, prestige, and happiness because she aspired hard for it.


Thrilling things at Xcite Life

Xcite life provides the participants with the chance to make the most out of the time, they get to have in vacations through thrilling adventures. Maha Habaybeh lays much emphasis on health and physical fitness at Xcite life for this she has introduced many outdoor escapades like:-

Free Diving- As kids, we all used to play a game that who could hold their breath for longer duration? And this game emerged as free diving and day by day it’s gaining popularity around the various adventurous spots across the world.  Explaining in layman’s language freediving is the sport of underwater diving that is completely dependent on the diver’s ability to hold their breath for the duration they are diving without any artificial breathing apparatus. Freediving takes to beneath the water and introduces you to many water creatures it has many other activities like spearfishing, underwater photography, and much more. The freediving game at Xcite Life becomes more interesting as the winners who could hold their breath for longer duration receive an award by Maha Habaybeh to boost and praise their enthusiasm. Freediving can be done without any apparatus or with such assistance devices as fins or one fin called a monofin, both of which are designed to help the diver generate power to help him submerge as well as re emerge from the water after the dive is completed.


Winter Survival Skills – This is an exclusive service by Xcite Life. Maha Habaybeh believes that before you give it’s important that you put your best for the survival. The idea of survival doesn’t reflect only on the game or spot but it’s a challenging situation where you need to keep yourself in the best condition despite the tough time which you facing. When it comes to survival experiences, it’s great fun and an amazing test to match your wits with someone else. “But if you want the best of survival experiences you much seek mother nature”, says Maha Habaybeh. Staying alive in cold is the number one problem many people face when they find themselves trapped in a cold weather so staying alive in winters is the most challenging situation for people who underestimate the power of cold and overestimate the ability to deal with it. At Xcite Life, the instructor teaches survival skills that will inculcate within you confidence in yourself so that you find it easy to protect yourself from the cold. Either way, you win.

Maha Habaybeh: A name that spells confidenceat spells confidence

Maha Habaybeh, a graduate from Durham College and a leading women entrepreneur in Canada believes in creating experiences which fills unique experiences in people. For distribution of happiness and serenity in the society she started Xcite LIfe an adventure spot  . which has created the exciting world of adventures in the form of company, Xcite life.Xcite life by Maha Habaybeh is an effort for those who want to be happy in every tough situation of life and want to share that experiences with other individuals around them.

An old cliche’ says “experience is the best teacher” and even Maha Habaybeh by bringing Xcite life proves this statement correct. At Xcite life you can get open up your mind to get  experiences, get inspired for a healthier life and a life free of stress. Mind and body gets nourishments if we live the present life, love ourselves and let the pain inside us go.

At Xcite Life you not just share cool experiences but can make money too with your unique experiences . Maha Habaybeh says when you have talent which is unique and you want the world to know about it you can always share it at Xcite life’s platform and make money out of  it and become a partner at Xcite life.


  • A Partner is someone like you, or a group of persons like yourself with a passion, talent or skill that wants to share that talent with the world. It might be a part time hobby or a way of life, but whatever it is, it’s unique, inspiring, exhilarating or simply amazing, and the opportunity to share it with the world provides an experience worth telling and retelling. Everyone has a talent, the possibilities are limitless and the key differentiator is You.
  • When you submit the application form the working assistants do their best  to review all submissions within two business days and we make sure that you’re the right fit for Xcite life. It’s all about Good Vibes, which is a core value for transforming lives with Xcite life.
  • When you share your long lasting talents and experiences with us Maha Habaybeh declares that  Whenever an Xcitelifer books your experience and comes out to #livesomelife, they both share in the revenue and the person who unveils their talents of course would share the more of it.
  • The Partner agreement will be provided once you are approved and it must be read and accepted prior to becoming a host. We promise, it’s nothing sinister says Maha Habaybeh.
  • No One can better than the value of your talent better than you and what worth is that? The coaches at Xcite life will support you at every step of the way to make sure your worth is well positioned., however, pricing is an art, and as your experiences evolve, so too will your pricing.
  • Maha Habaybeh says that Xcitelife supports partners in Canada hosting local experiences but if we find a person who is truly poses some unique talent and wants to share  with the Xcitelifer community then please free to share it with us. We also welcome virtual experiences where location is a non-factor.