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Maha Habaybeh has brought to you the adventure of becoming a bush pilot through her company Xcitelife. Xcitelife is one of the most unique business ideas ever started. Its adventures have become so much in demand that they have led people to completely live renovated lives. You can get to fly bush pilots, just like Leonardo DiCaprio in Aviator. You can also get to the farthest of places on earth, and enjoy the stretch of places like Savannah. This is the experience you have always wanted, which has a lot of freedom. You can get to places like Africa and South America.

Maha teresa Habaybeh

Justin Andrew Habaybeh | You can also help people by being a bush pilot by providing them with needed supplies where there is lack of food. You can end the flight while just gazing at the sunset. This is the day when you can please your wife, giving her the perfect anniversary memory. The bush pilots get perfect guidance when they want to land the plane because sometimes, there is no landing strip for them. The company of Xcitelife allows you to enjoy life without feeling any kind of gravity. You might want to know how this is possible. Have you ever heard of skydiving, it’s the activity which involves flying in a flight chamber?

peter habaybehPeter Habaybeh | Xcitelife has collaborated with SkyVenture technologies for the provision of this facility. Skydiving becomes possible through the technology employed in wind tunnels. These tunnels have fans which suck the air and then it is introduced into these tunnels from all the sides. These tunnels simulate the environment of flight chambers. The introduction of air happens through RAT (return air towers). There is also an inlet contractor which compresses the air produced by RATS.  


maha habaybeh

Maha Teresa Habaybeh is the creator of such adventures because she knows how you simplicity of such adventures can add to your lives. Skydiving is done with coaching which involves, instructions for before and after the flight. They make sure that you get the right supervision for doing the job properly. So, they monitor each of your skydiving sessions and come with post-implementation suggestions. The opportunity in the adventure of skydiving is limitless because you gain by interacting with other skydivers and become a part of competitions.


Peter Habaybeh | You have to maintain your weight to be able to participate in these competitions. Peter Habaybeh on baot

There is freestyle skydiving also which requires a lot of practice because you get to show your moves during the free fall. You can also dive upside down, which again depends on how much body control you are able to exercise and the pressure of the wind.

Maha Habaybeh

Maha Habaybeh has impressed the world with her ingenuity and her intelligence since her youth only when she started working. Maha Teresa Habaybeh is a hardworking and dedicated woman who knows how to achieve anything aimed for. Her son Justin Habaybeh is also like her who is running Carkera at such a young age. Peter Habaybeh. Maha’s brother helps in the coaching for adventures in Xcitelife.



Maha Habaybeh: A Generous and Sensible Woman

Maha Habaybeh knows what interesting adventures can do to your life. What’s your idea of fun? This is generated when you face specific adventures which ensure that make you happy and release endorphins. One of such adventures is tubing which ensures that you slide down a cliff laying on your stomach on an inflatable tube. You can take your sprinting kid along with you on this adventure. This adventure will remove your phobia of heights forever.

Justin Andrew Habaybeh You must have heard about family sized food portions but there is a family sized tube which allows you to slip together. Hiking boots are advisable so that you don’t lose grip while walking on the snowed cliff to reach your tubing point. The rider’s get to have so much of amazing fun because they slide at speeds of 20 meters per hour. It’s a perfect getaway opportunity for the weekend following Christmas. Now, you don’t need any special preparation for this task.

Just get some sunscreen so that the skin does not get sunburns. Just take your camcorder with you and record your kid sliding down a slope. A perfect video to watch after your child has left for the university to relive those moments of fun and adventure. Maha Habaybeh makes sure that the participants in her company get to face experiences whose memories are just unforgettable. There are such a plethora of adventures which are a part of the Xcitelife’s consortium of services.

The adventures include getting a steam bath. This steam is quite rare and emanates from eucalyptus oil. This oil is sprayed in the room through the installed shower heads. The shower head consists of a steam generator. Taking up steam from eucalyptus is an excellent way to rejuvenate your entire senses and get rid of the undesirable body toxins. This kind of steam bath given to participants in the Bota Bota spa on a steamer in Montreal is a part of so many adventures in Xcitelife.

So, once you enter the steam room, the mist generated through the eucalyptus oil, touches your skin pores and it’s a heavenly feeling. These kind of spas are important to ensure the complete harmony in your life. The vibes of the body are managed well through this sauna. The sweet smell of eucalyptus steam produces aroma-therapeutic benefits to make you get rid of all negative feelings. This product is completely natural and will cure all your problems.

Spelunking is also an adventure for somebody who looks for finding the unknown in the world who looks for adventure. It involves discovering the extremely deep caves through walking and crawling in them. So, there is a headlight provided for you to light your way. The kind of upbringing Maha Habaybeh has given to all her children including Justin Habaybeh has simply unbelievable. Despite being a single parent, she has left no stone unturned to raise her three sons.

Maha Habaybeh has also been fortunate enough to have a brother like Peter Habaybeh(Xcitelife trainer) who has been there as a pillar of support for his sister. Maha Habaybeh has made the venture of Xcitelife work for her brother.

Maha Habaybeh: An Easy Going Woman With so Much Determination

Maha Teresa Habaybeh is an ideal woman of today. Despite being an immigrant to Canada, she has made immense progress in the country along with her son and her brother. Her inspiration in life is her father who came to this country when she was just a kid. All the entrepreneurial skills were taught to Maha Habaybeh by her father. The way he took the brunt of handling the responsibilities of his family taught her to utilize her talents and skills. She still derives inspiration from the adage of her father “ no risk, no glory”. She also believes in sharing her entrepreneurial skills with others.

Maha Habaybeh - Maha Teresa Habaybeh

She is a warm person who believes no harm comes when you exchange ideas with others because it also increases your own knowledge.She has always set the pedestal high for herself. Maha Teresa Habaybeh got into matrimony at an early age and then she had 3 beautiful children. She also worked in the business of her husband which included the sale of DVDs and videos in the entire continent of North America.


Prior to setting up this business with her husband, Maha Habaybeh also worked in a corporate American organization where she was responsible for handling the database of products and the logistics department. Now, she works in the capacity of a Director of Operations in the entrepreneurial venture “Xcitelife” of her brother Peter Habaybeh. This company provides unique opportunities to people to fulfil their cherished desires included on their bucket lists.

Maha Habaybeh

So, people get to go through unique experiences when they seek the services of this organisation. The process at Xcitelife consists of discovering activities for people which make them happy, so it’s a continuous process.For example, one of these processes is hot wax painting. This process consists of using tools made of metals to affect the shape of cooling wax in the final painting result.


The students are also encouraged to learn music because according to Maha and Peter Habaybeh, learning music helps young school going students to discover their analytical skills which are useful for shaping their careers. At Xcitelife it is a belief that learning music makes students improve their skills in Science and Maths.  Peter Habaybeh works in the position of an instructor in his company the Xcitelife.

Maha Teresa Habaybeh looks to affect the lives of women by making them understand the virtues of fashion, wellness and fitness. She wants women to understand how to improve their lives through embodying these virtues.  She has also made her sons imbibe integrity and strength of character just like her. Maha Habaybeh’s sons are proud gentlemen who respect everyone in the society thanks to the values taught by their mother.


She has also supported greatly the business “Carkera” of her son Justin Habaybeh. The earlier name of Carkera was Autoscrub. Carkera is located in Ontario.This business is all about giving an amazing and desired appearance to the personal cars of clients and about adding new design elements to the vehicles of clients. The automotive is redesigned at the premises of the client through a professional design team.

Maha Teresa Habaybeh

The clients are provided unique design packages depending on what they require in their vehicle. The clients are also given additional services such as lucrative discounts and no cost pickup and after-design delivery of the vehicle to the home of the client. Her son attributes his success in the business to her.He also looks upto her. This is the reason why Maha Habaybeh has become an inspiration for so many people.


One of the most unique qualities of this lady is her liking for dogs. She finds affection towards these animals because of their loyalty attribute. She also has a penchant for sports. Her brother Peter Habaybeh also believes that his professional success is due to the constant support lent by his sister. She has always been with him through the ups and downs of his life.


Due to her motivation and support, the Xcitelife is where it is today. So, Maya has her family standing by her side and in return, she also been a source of staunch support for them. So, Maha Habaybeh believes in delivering her truest potential to the world and inspiring others to do the same.


Her ideology of getting success with persistent hard work has made her what she is today. Maha Teresa Habaybeh has also received an excellent education at the Durham College from where she finished her graduation.

Maha Habaybeh | Beauty with Brains

Maha Habaybeh is graduated from Durham College. She is the director of Operation at Xcite life. She wants the change she believes in; change of bringing womanism in their perception of beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness fix in a way designed to make them feel better about themselves. Maha Habaybeh currently lives in Canada.

Maha Teresa Habaybeh

Maha Teresa Habaybeh Advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs: Create a mastermind. I can’t emphasize enough though the importance of your peer group. Find other entrepreneurs and help each other out, bounce ideas around and get advice. You’ll learn from each other’s mistakes and have a peer group to help with the personal and professional things that come up. Added bonus: they’ll likely become dear friends too!


My son Justin Habaybeh and my brother Peter Habaybeh have supported me a lot in my business and humanity and known my inner perfection.



Maha Habaybeh | Maha Habaybeh | Maha Habaybeh

This page is about Maha Habaybeh, who lives in Canada. In Habaybeh family, Justin Habaybeh is her son. Justin Habaybeh is the CEO of CarKera which operates on a business-to-business level, offering fleet and dealership services. The company operates on a mobile basis or their very own location.

Maha Habaybeh is graduated from Durham College. She is the director of Operation at Xcite life. She wants the change she believes in; change of bringing womanism in their perception of beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness fix in a way designed to make them feel better about themselves. Maha Habaybeh currently lives in Canada.